Elastoplast Spiral Heat Flexible Heat Patch Multipurpose

Elastoplast Spiral Heat Multipurpose is a flexible heat patches for targeted pain relief.

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-SpiroTherm Tech.

-Extra Discreet and soft touch.
Spiral Heat is a medical device intended for the relief of muscle and joint pain due to tight and cramped muscles, over-exertion, sprains, strains, and arthrosis. Spiral heat is available in special shapes for neck/back/ shoulder application and multipurpose application.
Medical device.
Drug free.
This will generally be what appears on the back of the packaging and should be formatted the same way.

It can take up to 30 minutes until the heat patch warms up to an effective heat level.
Thus, the pouch should only be opened directly before use.
The patch should only be applied on clean, dry and unbroken skin.
Open the pouch and remove the sealing paper from the back of the patch.
Place adhesive side of Spiral Heat to the skin directly over the painful area and press on firmly. After use slowly peel off from the skin.
The patch should not be worn for more than 12 hours within any 24 hour period.
Only for single use – for each application use a new patch to retain the described heat effect.
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