BA Suspensory Testicular Supporter

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Testicular supporter designed to HOLD and LIFT the scrotum.

Features & Benefits:

  • For post surgical conditions and before injury.
  • Supports the cremaster muscle.
  • Allows complete freedom of movement.
  • Ventilated elastic for cool, comfortable and extended use.
  • Can be worn during sport.
  • Completely washable and hygienic.

Product Goals:

  • Helps to relieve the STRAIN and FATIGUE of swollen/sagging testicles.

Fitting Guide:

  • To correctly apply, place the penis through the opening between the pouch and short elastic strap above it.

Size Chart:

For Pouch size selection choose :

  • Small for below regular size testicles.
  • Medium for regular size testicles (most often selected).
  • Large for swollen or big size testicles.
  • Extra Large for very swollen or overly elongated testicles.

Please note : This product does not have magnets.

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