BA Sports Lock Lace-up Ankle Guard White

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Generous design that can replace costly taping.

An Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis suitable for most sports injury management and prevention.

Features & Benefits:
  • Constructed from premium, hard wearing padded fabrics that last the journey.
  • Adjustable outer sports-lock straps provide added support and stability.
  • Fully adjustable on the field without unlacing or removal.
  • Superior to tape after 15-20 minutes of activated perspiration.
  • Ventilated liner and tongue ensures a comfortable ride.
  • Lightweight.
  • Simulates ankle strapping.
  • Fully washable and fits easily into most athletic shoes.
Product Goals:
  • Help prevent inversion/eversion injury (ankle roll).
  • To simulate athletic tape.
  • Easy adjustment without re-lacing.
  • Provide comfort, decrease pain and improve joint function.
Size Chart & Fit Guide:
  • Slip ankle guard over foot (to reduce pressure apply over one or two sports socks).
    Lace up all the way and tie laces.
    Ensure guard is not loose or sloppy.
    Guard should feel firm without being too tight or restrictive.
    Cross both outer straps over laces, under heel and attach on either side of brace.
    Slip dressed foot into sports shoe and tie laces firmly.
    Adjust outer straps for a more firm fit.
    Secure top elastic strap.
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