Activease Thermal Waist Wrap with Magnets by Dick Wicks

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Adjustable thermal binder for minor support and protection.

Features & Benefits:
  • Thermal compression and soft tissue lower back support.
  • Naked shark tooth pattern CR neoprene as inside liner.
    Great for weight loss and creating a wet, sweaty connection against the skin.
  • 20 powerful magnets with penetrating flux field of over 20,000 gauss.
  • Helps ease muscle/joint pain and may soothes arthritic tension.
  • Provides warmth & protection .
  • Suits various sports injuries.
  • Fully adjustable and washable.
Product Goals:
  • To provide magnetic therapy and relief.
  • Keep the abdomen warm, protected with mild support.
  • To cushion against minor scrapes and bumps.
Size Chart & Fit Guide:

One size fit up to 50″ or 127cm waist.

WARNING: Do not apply over open wounds or if you have a susceptibility to dermatitis.

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