Activease Slip on Magnetic Wrist Support

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Provides light elasticised compression to counteract tissue swelling.

Allows your skin to ventilate and remain well oxygenated and therefore comfortable may reduce stiffness.

Features & Benefits:

  • 16 Sintered Ferrite magnets
  • Penetrating magnetic flux field.
  • Average gauss strength of approx 500.
  • Total GAUSS strength of 8000.
  • Double layer elastic retains body warmth
  • Helps to increase blood circulation.
  • Suited to some minor sporting injuries.
  • Men or Women.
  • Left or right wrist.
  • Washable and hygienic.

Product Goals:

  • Lightweight support & protection.
  • Helps to minimize wrist ache and stiffness in people who use their hands all day.

Size Chart & Fit Guide:

  • See images for full size table.
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