Activease Silicone Gel Knee Sleeve with 10 Magnets

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Finally a waterproof, non-slip knee sleeve you can wear all day, even during activities involving water that combines support, warmth, compression with 10 tiny power magnets.

Features and benefits:
  • A new generation of magnetic gel support that’s waterproof.
  • Provides support, relieves pressure and eases muscle pain.
  • May help to relieve symptoms of arthritis, tendonitis, rheumatism aches and general knee pain.
  • Medical-grade gel is lightweight, soft, breathable, non-toxic, non-allergic and super durable.
  • Ergonomic design provides soothing relief through targeted pressure and compression.
  • Wear while doing housework, work, yoga, Pilate, golf, tennis, basketball, typing, writing, cooking, swimming, washing dishes, gardening, sleeping, cross fit, and more without pain.
  • Unisex fit suits for both left and right knees.
  • May be worn all day with comfort and while sleeping.
  • Flexible silicone gel provides compression and protection.
  • Contains 10 powerful dick wicks magnets that create a penetrating magnetic flux field of 500 gauss each.
  • Helps to ease muscle and joint pain, soothes arthritic tension.
  • Shaped for a better fit.
  • Retains warmth and may increase blood circulation.
  • Easy to clean, simply rinse with water and soap.
Product goals:
  • Magnetic therapy with light silicone gel compression.
  • One size fit.
  • Silicone material can easily be damaged with a sharp object.
    Cuts on any edge will easily rip the brace.
    Be careful not to cause any damage with a sharp object.
    Damage such as this is not covered by the product warranty.
  • Warning: do not apply over open wounds or if you have a susceptibility to dermatitis.
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